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THE FWD DRAG RACING SOLUTION!  Strange Engineering's double adjustable coilover shocks allows you to conveniently adjust compression and rebound separately which happens to be the key for a drag racing vehicle.  To allow for the load to stay on the front tires when a car launches; the spring and the shocks compression need to be soft/fast to allow for the instant tire growth and to absorb it.  Then the trick is to have a slow rebound to prevent the chassis from bouncing up and unloading the weight from the front tires when its needed most.  Matched with the proper springrate you can get really the full potential out of your car!  The same concept applies for the rear of the chassis.  Allow the chassis to squat/compress quickly with a soft spring/fast compression but dont allow it to bounce back with a slow rebound setting.  The rear shocks require a soft spring to allow for the shock absorber to absorb the shock.  Too stiff of a spring and the chassis will become lose and unmanageable at higher speeds due to a lack of shock absorption which is due to a spring being too heavy.  

Featuring two knobs for multiple adjustment options. One knob controls shock rebound/extension, and the other accurately adjusts compression. Options include our 6061 billet spherical top hats that feature alloy PTFE lined bearings with stainless spacers thus eliminating the rubber mounts as supplied by strange, as well as a selection of hypercoil springs.  E-mail us for more available spring options or recomendations. 




Street use; Do youself a favor and ditch your 18K springs and get back a ride which is tolerable, tuneable and safe! 



Strange Engineering Coilover Shocks (Honda)

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